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Redwheel is a specialist, independent investment manager with an active investment heritage built on a foundation of innovation, original thought, and high conviction. The business was established in 2000 with the ambition to create an environment in which exceptional fund managers can operate with a high degree of investment autonomy and maximise the benefits of their skills over the long-term. The seven investment teams specialise in providing Sustainable & Thematic Equities, Active Engagement, Emerging Markets, Value & Income and Convertible Bonds. A total of $18.1bn (as at 31st May 2024) is managed across these strategies on behalf of clients who include some of the foremost global institutions and advisors.   With more than 170 people, including 59 dedicated investment professionals, Redwheel has offices in London, Copenhagen, Miami, and Singapore.  Each of the investment teams has acknowledged expertise in their specific fields. Their autonomy is underpinned by a simple and attractive revenue share model, which unites the business and aligns each team with its client base. All non-investment functions are centrally managed, ensuring that the governance and risk functions operate independently. The business is itself independent and privately owned, with a disciplined and engaged non-executive board and a majority employee shareholder base. There is a constant focus on being long term in everything that the team does and how the business is structured. This focus helps to ensure alignment with investors in delivering successful long-term outcomes and underpins Redwheel’s commitment to be responsible investors. Redwheel is the operating brand of RWC Partners. This change of operating brand name was announced in January 2022.
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