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Society, business and finance depend on nature’s assets and the services they provide. The acceleration of nature loss globally is eroding the ability of nature to provide these vital services. Taking action to conserve and restore nature is now a critical global priority. Doing so will reduce risks to business and finance. Mobilising business innovation and private finance to halt and reverse nature loss and contribute to nature-positive outcomes will be a major source of new commercial opportunity and competitive advantage. While the case for action is clear, business and finance organisations today do not have the information they need to understand the risks and opportunities for their organisation that result from their impacts and dependencies on nature. We aim to provide decision makers in business and capital markets with better quality information through corporate reporting on nature that improves enterprise and portfolio risk management. Robust information on nature-related issues allows business to incorporate nature-related risks and opportunities into their strategic planning, risk management and asset allocation decisions. Better information in the hands of investors and other capital providers can help shift the flow of global capital to more positive outcomes for nature and society.
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Aligning with nature-related financial disclosures
Our society, economies and financial systems are embedded in nature, not external to it.
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